Dying for a Dude

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Hang on to your saddle! It’s going to be a wild ride!

When Laurel McKay agrees to perform with the Sassy Saloon Gals during Hangtown’s annual Wagon Train parade, her greatest fear is a wardrobe malfunction. Before she can lace up her corset, a 150-year-old skeleton turns up on her grandmother’s property. Did Laurel’s great-great-grandfather murder his mining partner? Gran insists not and wants Laurel to prove it.

Then the body of a prominent citizen is discovered dangling above a Main Street hotel shortly after Laurel’s ex-husband decked him. When her detective boyfriend throws her ex in jail for murder, Laurel, with the help of her zany friends and family must find the real killer.

Juggling two kids, a new boss, a wilting romance, and two murder investigations would be enough to turn any woman into a chocolate addict. Extra pounds are the least of Laurel’s worries as she and her Mustang-driving octogenarian grandmother try to unearth some long-buried secrets before the killer adds their names to Hangtown’s bloody history.


“Cindy Sample’s Dying for a Dude is fabulous from the get-go. It’s a perfect blend of intrigue, mystery and romance––what else could a reader ask for? Don’t miss the Laurel McKay books. Like me, you’ll be “dying” to read the next one.”
—Brenda Novak, USA Today Bestselling Author

“A fast-paced read, Dying for a Dude, the fourth book in national bestselling author Cindy Sample’s LAUREL MCKAY series is a humorous, action-packed cozy mystery that will immediately draw you in and keep you guessing right up to the very satisfying ending. Laurel McKay is an endearing character that readers can easily relate to and the secondary characters add even more charm to the story as the clues build up.” 5 Stars
—Dottie Jones, Romance Junkies

“Cindy Sample dishes up another 5 star mystery romp featuring Laurel McKay, her zany entourage, and her bumpy love life with hunky detective Tom Hunter. In Dying for a Dude, a Wagon Train celebration adds Wild West Antics and ropes in laughs as our amateur sleuth rides herd on a bevy of black hats.”
—Linda Lovely, Author of the Marley Clark series

“Laurel McKay leads a full life, full of murder! Can Laurel solve two homicides, raise her two kids, keep her job, please her mother, care for her grandmother and find true love while avoiding her own demise? You’ll have to indulge yourself in this scrumptious 5 star novel to find out. Calorie-free, but like Laurel’s beloved chocolate, oh, so rich.”
—Mary Beth Magee, National Reviewer, Examiner.com

“Fast paced, suspenseful, poignant yet funny, Dying for a Dude is a top-of-the-line 5 star murder mystery that offers everything to mystery buffs.”
—Heather Haven, Award-Winning Author


Inch by inch the vise tightened until I cried out, “Stop, stop, you’re killing me.”

My nemesis pulled even tighter. “I’m going to finish this if it kills me.”

“But,” I said, gasping for air, “I can’t breathe.”

“Oh, suck it up, Laurel,” said Liz, my best friend. “If women in the nineteenth century managed to wear this apparel, certainly a resilient twenty-first-century woman like you can handle it.”

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