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Dying for a Double

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Release Date: November 7, 2019
Pages: 250



Heads turn when Laurel McKay Hunter gets a gig as an extra in a movie filming locally. Why? Laurel’s a dead ringer for the female lead. The next day the actress vanishes from the set. The frantic director recruits Laurel to double for the missing woman while she uses her off-screen investigative talents to search for her.

Despite having zero acting experience, Laurel reluctantly steps in. Then she stumbles over a dead body on the set. Is the murder connected to the actress’s disappearance?

Laurel chases after clues as the action moves from the historic Gold Country to sun-kissed Malibu beaches to the glamorous and sometimes seedy Hollywood scene. The intrepid detective quickly discovers all that glitters is not gold. Can she find the actress and catch a killer before it’s too late? Or will her final role be playing dead?


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