Dying for a Deal

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Laurel McKay Hunter is thrilled to join her new husband, Tom, as a partner in his budding detective agency, Gold Country Investigations. With her past experience as a crime solver, even Tom admits she’s a natural. Her first case is perfect, too, for Laurel’s banking skills: a friend of her grandmother wants help with a South Lake Tahoe timeshare scam.

When the timeshare salesman is found dead, with Gran’s fingerprints on the murder weapon, Laurel’s case moves from money to murder.

A second murder takes Laurel to the snow-capped summit of Heavenly Ski Resort, a boat race across the deep waters of Lake Tahoe and an unexpected Dumpster dive as she tries to solve her case.

Unfortunately, the killer seems determined that Laurel’s first case will be her last!


“Dying for a Deal is another worthy addition to this crackerjack whodunit series. Known for their humorous dialog, fast pacing, and intriguing plots, this go-round author Cindy Sample offers the reader even more, highlighting Laurel’s growth as a woman and sleuth. It is a total and complete delight.”
—Heather Haven, IPPY Award-Winning Author

“Dying for a Deal showcases author Cindy Sample’s talent at dealing readers a mystery from a trick deck of cards complete with Jokers. Laughs, surprises, and danger mingle when Laurel McKay Hunter joins the PI agency formed by her detective husband and stepfather. Laurel’s first cases prove to be real killers as she takes on a shady Lake Tahoe timeshare resale company preying on old folks and attempts to shadow the fiancé of her former boss to determine if he’s cheating. The heroine’s whole lovable but wacky cast of friends and relatives add to the fun.”
—Linda Lovely, author of the humorous Brie Hooker Mystery series

“Cindy Sample delivers with Dying for a Deal. Mystery, romance, and humor stack the deck…not to mention a full house that’ll leave you dying for time to read!”
—Diane Vallere, National Bestselling Author of the Costume Shop and Material Witness Mystery Series

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