Dying for a Dance

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Discovering she has two left feet isn’t the biggest problem for Laurel McKay when she agrees to learn a foxtrot routine for her best friend’s Lake Tahoe wedding. Stumbling over the lifeless body of a sexy Russian dance star with her broken shoe heel stuffed in his mouth… is far worse. Almost as bad as running into the hunky detective she dated briefly before he disappeared from her life.

When another death occurs on the ballroom floor, Laurel finds herself waltzing her way into the dark secrets of the Golden Hills Dance Studio. Navigating kids, career, wedding planning and murder requires some fancy footwork. Can Laurel tango with a killer and stay alive?


“This follow-up to DYING FOR A DATE, featuring Laurel McKay, is another hilarious romp filled with twists and turns and a vexing mystery. Sample introduces her readers to the fiercely competitive world of competition dancing and does not disappoint with the sizzling chemistry between Laurel and Detective Hunter. Sample’s one-liners are amusing and her development of Laurel McKay as a caring, self-deprecating, everyday woman is well-done. This reviewer looks forward to the next in this series.”
—Midwest Book Review (5 STARS)

“A fun suspenseful read that holds your attention, captures your imagination and keeps you chuckling at Laurel’s antics. Cindy Sample’s writing is positively fun, imaginative and all around tantalizing – she’s definitely an author well worth adding to your ‘watch’ list.”
—Romance Junkies, Chrissy Dionne (5 BLUE RIBBONS)

“Cindy Sample has mastered the art of REAL dialogue. The characters are wacky and believable. Any woman who constantly finds herself in awkward situations will love this book!
BookreviewsRus, Stephanie Rollins (5 STARS)

“I have rarely been more cheered up by spending time with a book. Dying for a Dance is the perfect antidote to a bout of the winter blues.”
—Terell Byrd of Kings River Life Magazine

“Sample’s sleuth is an endearing character readers will adore.”
—Cindy Himler, Romantic Times Reviewer at RT Book Reviews (4 STARS)

“All of the elements of an excellent cozy mystery. Interesting characters, plot and setting. Fast paced writing. I struggled to figure out what it was that stood out that made me really enjoy the book and I decided it was the tone. It is a feel-good book, it makes you smile.”
—Lynn Farris, Mystery Book Reviewer at Examiner.com (5 STARS)

“Author Sample has struck gold again with this romantic mystery. Sample has woven a sassy yet frightening tale. Her plot details are carefully placed and bring the reader along for the adventure without spoiling the mystery. The action moves faster than a quickstep and with all the spice of a red-hot rumba.
—Mary Beth McGee, Mystery Reviewer at Examiner.com (5 STARS)

“You’ve got to love Laurel McKay, the main character in Dying For a Dance. Backed up by Laurel’s loving but highly critical mother; her gay work assistant, Stan; and Tom, the cute cop, the cast of characters is packed with humor. Dying For a Dance is a light-hearted romantic comedy sure to please female mystery fans.”
—Marlene Pyle of The GenReview (5 STARS)


I didn’t think my night could get any worse. But when I stumbled on a dead man with my broken shoe heel stuffed in his mouth, I realized it definitely could.

I was valiantly attempting to learn the choreography for my best friend’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Liz envisioned a bridal party version of Dancing with the Stars. After I tripped my instructor for the third time in ten minutes, I decided the routine looked more like Dancing with the Dorks.

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