Birthdays Are Murder

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Release Date: January 27, 2022
Pages: 264


After Sierra Sullivan is furloughed from her cruise director position, she moves to Spindrift Cove, Washington, to be closer to her married daughter. She soon discovers gigs for a middle-aged entertainer are scarcer than good hair days in the Pacific Northwest. With her bank account sliding toward zero, she swallows the indignity of donning a ten-pound wig and elaborate costume to perform at a child’s birthday party.

Little does Sierra know she’ll soon be upstaged by a corpse and become the leading-lady suspect.

As the bodies pile up, the entertainer adlibs her own crime-solving gig, a performance putting her in the crosshairs of a killer, and a finale that truly may be final.


"Five stars to Cindy Sample's latest protagonist, Sierra Sullivan. Sleuth, performer, and all-around enterprising gal, she hits the cozy mystery scene in a fabulous new whodunit series. If you are a fan of Ms. Sample's work, you won't want to miss the first book in the Spindrift Cove Mystery Series. I loved it!"

Heather Haven, award-winning author of the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries


“There are characters that will stay with you long after you put the book down. Sierra is one of those who will leave a smile on your face. Cindy Sample has crafted characters and a storyline that brings both enjoyment and cozy mystery fun.”

R. Franklin James, award-winning author of the Hollis Morgan Mystery Series


 "Sierra Sullivan is an aging actor who takes on children’s party gigs to make ends meet. Her situation is both hilarious and poignant. After discovering a body, her investigation introduces her to a wacky cast of characters and plenty of plot twists. Another fast, fun, and funny read by Cindy Sample. "

Charlotte Stuart, author of the award-winning Macavity & Me mystery series. 


"Birthdays are Murder delivers the mirth and madcap mayhem readers expect from a Cindy Sample mystery. Her new Spindrift Cove Mysteries cast entertainer Sierra Sullivan as the star, with equally amusing family and friends in supporting roles. A fast-paced mystery that’s sure to entertain."

Linda Lovely, author of the Brie Hooker Cozy Mystery Series and the HOA Mystery Series      


"Sample's story is perfect for readers who want a fun mystery that's big on small, close-knit communities, limited in violence, and has family at its heart.  Both Sierra and readers are new to this community and Sample seizes every opportunity to make it an inviting setting for future cases, while keeping the pacing on point, the dialogue crisp and amusing, and even teasing the possibility of several potential romantic interests for Sierra. Cozy readers will be eager to see Sierra face more trouble in this charming milieu."